Ranger Specialty Income

The Direct Lending Marketplace is an attractive emerging fixed income investment universe that offers low correlation, short durations and potentially consistent returns relative to traditional high yield debt strategies 

Ranger Specialty Income Investment Philosophy

Ranger believes that careful loan selection is the key ingredient to meeting its investment objectives.  The management team seeks to limit risk by diversifying amongst various types of debt instruments, industries and lending sources.  The team believes that a majority of loans should be secured by assets or collateral, and has set a target of 75% to be represented as such.  The team seeks to expand beyond unsecured peer-to-peer lending consumer debt platforms and evaluate direct lending platforms, while diversifying the portfolio across multiple lending categories, structures, geographies, and durations.  Ranger prefers direct lending companies with seasoned management teams which possess a track record for lending through various credit market cycles.  Working with such platforms, Ranger seeks to drive alpha through active loan selection rather than relying on the platform’s underwriting model to select loans for investment.

Ranger Specialty Income Strategy

The Ranger Specialty Income strategy seeks to provide an attractive return, principally in the form of income. The investment advisor will actively select loans and other debt instruments offered by a variety of lending categories, including but without limitation, instruments linked to secured and unsecured consumer loans, secured and unsecured business loans, equipment and supply chain lending, factoring receivables, lending against government programs, auto loans, healthcare loans, real estate loans (commercial and mortgage), wholesale lending, asset backed loans, and other specialty finance opportunities. The strategy leverages proprietary technology, traditional credit analysis and loan structuring expertise in order to invest across a broad distribution of borrowers; and to seek an acceptable level of risk for potential return on investment.

Loan Platform Due Diligence Initial Data Questionnaire

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Thank you for agreeing to supply basic information to us about your business. Our investments include loan purchases, and equity investments in direct lending companies. Ranger conducts a comprehensive due diligence process, and the first step is collecting information about your company via this questionnaire.

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